Joey's 5E Rise of the Runelords

Chapter 1

Burnt Offerings

The story begins at the Swallowtail Festival in a village named Sandpoint. It is a small fishing and farming village about 80 miles northeast of the much larger Magnimar. Each character came to be there from different paths. Their stories will be detailed in their own sections.

The town was also reopening the monastery that burned down 5 years ago. The Festival started as a great success. At the climax of the ceremony, goblins attacked. They seemed to be more focused on chaos, destruction, and burning things down, than some actual goal.
The party killed a few groups before rescuing a young noble, Aldern Foxglove.
Most of the goblins were killed or run off by this point.

The party investigates and discovers the reason for the raid was actually to steal the remains of Ezakian Tobyn, the previous high priest who died in the fire that destroyed the temple. Shalelu, A local ranger tells them that in the raid there were representatives of all 5 local tribes (which never happens). They also found a ladder leaning against the inside of one wall. There was an inside man.

They got to know some of the townsfolk over the next few days. The innkeeper was confronted by her father who caused a scene trying to make her leave with him. She refused and disappeared that night.

They found a note in her room that her brother,Tsuto, wanted to meet. They go to her family’s place, the Glassworks. It is overrun with goblins. They confront and subdue Tsuto, and find Lonjiku in the basement. They also find old smuggling tunnels.

They find an ancient temple dedicated to Lamashtu, goddess of monsters. Exploring it, they quickly discover it is very old. They find relics of ancient magic, with parts collapsed. After clearing it out they confront it’s master, Erylium, a Quasit. Before destroying her, she mentioned training her new General.

When they get back to town, they find Tsuto escaped. He killed a guard on the way out. They track him to Thistletop, the home of the most powerful goblin tribe in the region. Thistletop is a massive head, the last remnant of an ancient statue.

They fight their way in, killing many guards and even the goblin chieftain. Deep inside, they find and fight Tsuto, several mercenaries, and their leader. Nualia. She was the adopted daughter of the previous town high priest, thought to have died in the fire. She was an Aasimar but started a horrible transformation into a demon. She sacrificed her father’s remains to start the shift with her arm. She was going to sacrifice the town to complete her metamorphosis. The party puts a halt to her plan with blade and spells.


Broxigar didn’t trust the drow.

Chapter 1

Jaelynn still mourns those goblin babies.

Chapter 1

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