Aasimar Cleric of Lamashtu.
Mid-transformation into a demonic entity, her left arm is deep red in color and pulses with a dark energy.


She was adopted at a young age by Sandpoint’s high priest, Ezakian Tobyn. Five years ago, something happened to her. She felt she was greatly wronged, and in a fit of misplace ,rage she burned down the church in the town of Sandpoint. All thought her adopted father and she died. They were only half right. She spent the last 5 years wandering, eventually getting in touch with the Brotherhood of the Seven, who let her know of an ancient catacomb that might help her. Nualia was also gifted with a Seven-Pointed Star amulet. She went to the Catacombs of Wrath under Sandpoint and studied under Erylium, a Quasit witch. Erylium called Nualia her rising General and taught her all about Lamashtu, the mother of monsters. Nualia wanted to burn away her Aasimar parentage, and was taught a ritual to shift her angelic heritage to demonic. It would require a great sacrifice though. She gathered the local goblin tribes and a band of mercenaries together and organized a raid to steal Tobyn’s remains. Using them in the start of her profane ritual, she started to change. She chose Thistletop as her base of operations. Something there drew her as a moth to the flame. She was in the midst of organizing a much larger raid, to destroy the entire town, before the party stopped her.


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